Thanks! You found our Paul & Linda McCartney album!

Have you heard this record before? Let us know in a WhatsApp message. Don't forget to take your photo with it and with the name of this local business and WhatsApp those to us at​ (+34) 644 03 74 81. There is also an instrumental version of Ram called Thrillington. You'll find the next item at a place with some really good music. 

  • "The King" 🤴🏻 was the nickname of the man who appears on our next missing treasure.

  • This "king" traveled to Germany in October 1958 with the army, at the pinnacle of fame, but he wore a different uniform that you can find on this pillow.

  • Paul McCartney & friends went to this guy's country in February of 1964.

  • It’s in a location on the street named for someone else who went to America, but in October of 1492.

  • When you are here in the old part of the city this ......

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