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You did it! Now make yourself comfortable on our Elvis pillow and relax.

Have you enjoyed your visit to the store? Check out their Instagram here

What is your favorite Elvis song? Let us know in a Whatsapp message. Don't forget to take your photo with him & with the name of this local business. Then WhatsApp those to us at​ (+34) 644 03 74 81 to stay in the contest. 

  • The next item is of a person who would have been a king but decided to enlighten the world 🌏 instead.  

  • This prince is a bit overweight as portrayed here but he still spreads light in his current incarnation.

  • When you wake up in the morning you turn on this object, or if you want to read a book at night 🌙

  • A famous beat generation writer wrote a related book 📖 (published posthumously) about this in 1955. 

  • You can find it in a bright and comfortable place that serves something round and delicious 🍽️ (the best ones in town) near the beach 🏖️

  • This place is on a street named after these Greek mythological creatures often referred to as a sea nymphs. These particular sea nymphs were 50 in number and their parents were Doris and Nereus.

  • Make sure you search for the lost item during opening times:  Everyday 12.30 - 00.30h.

If you have come across this page by chance and would like to know what this is all about, please click on the following link.

(Si por casualidad te has encontrado con esta página y te gustaría saber de qué va todo esto, pincha en el siguiente enlace)

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