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Great work! You found our missing friend with a trunk!

Now that you’ve found our lost elephant 🐘 in the Delfín Azul 🐬, it’s time to find something else blue. Don't forget to take your photo with it and with the name of this local business and WhatsApp those to us at​ (+34) 644 03 74 81


  • Can you find our blue statue of a guy that Herman Hesse wrote about in one of his most famous books? 📙

  • Not far from Delfin Azul 🐬, the statue is on display in a store with a female name where you might be able to pick up a copy of Hesse's book or even an English dictionary to help you decipher these clues!

  • The store opened its doors recently on the main avenue. 

  • Opening times to visit the store: Monday to Friday 10-14h & 18-21h.

If you have come across this page by chance and would like to know what this is all about, please click on the following link.

(Si por casualidad te has encontrado con esta página y te gustaría saber de qué va todo esto, pincha en el siguiente enlace)

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