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Well done! You found our missing blue Buddha!

Send us a WhatsApp photo with you and the Buddha. Don't forget to include the business name in the picture's background. Have you read Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, about the life of the Buddha?​ WhatsApp the pic and your answer to us at​ (+34) 644 03 74 81


  • This Buddha has a point on his head, sometimes referred to as a pinnacle.

  • Deer Park was the name of one of the major places where the Buddha once taught and our next clue is related to a part of that animal 🦌, we think.

  • The truth is these body parts can also be found on goats🐏, pigs 🐖 and cows 🐄 too, but not on people.
  • People have used these well-preserved parts of the animals' bodies to hang their coats🧥, hats 🎩 and umbrellas🌂. 
  • To find this lost item walk towards the beach

  • You can find the object in this location that carries the name of the ripples the wind causes on the sea surface 🌊

  • Once you are there, you might as well order a drink and a tapa. You'll need the energy to decipher our next set of clues!

  • Please, visit the location during opening times: Sunday to Friday 11:00-00:00h. Saturday 12:00-00:00h

If you have come across this page by chance and would like to know what this is all about, please click on the following link.

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